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What We Do

           Technology is the world's largest and fastest growing industry in the modern world. Spanning over 7.6 million jobs and 7.1% of the national GDP, it is easy to understand why programming is the most important skill to have.

          Prototype Coding provides the way for elementary school students in San Diego to begin their path in the world of technology. We incorporate competition and simplicity into a course designed for an easy-to-approach introduction to programming. By doing so, we give students without access to technology the chance to experiment on their own through trial and error.

         Classes are 1 hour long and once a week. Individuals or groups of students are given a computer and software to begin their programming journey. By following a structured course, the students are encouraged to problem solve and collaborate - two of the most important skills in the 21st century.

        If you are interested in hosting or joining a class, or know schools that are lacking such a program, please do not hesitate to let us know immediately.